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Fourth Creek Angus Ranch

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Welcome to Fourth Creek Angus Ranch! We are located in the Saddle Hills County, in our beautiful Peace Country, AB.

The Fourth Creek Angus program primarily calves on pasture in May-June within a two-cycle period with minimal supervision and intervention. Maternal instinct and performance are the goals to stay in our program. A short 45-day breeding season constituted of 1 round of Timed Artificial Insemination and 1 cycle with the cover up bulls ensures that only the most fertile stick around.

The cows, with calves at side, endure long, harsh and snowy winters in Northern Alberta on a bale-grazing feeding program in our fields. Calves are left on the cows until 9 months of age at weaning.

Selection is applied for disposition, udder, hoof and structural soundness along with performance and phenotype. Those not measuring up for conformation or progeny performance are reassigned to our ET recipient herd, while those that fail at disposition, fertility or structural soundness are removed from the program.

We are working hard to produce cattle that flourish and rise to the top in our environment.

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