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Kimberly is a Certified Mental Health Coach (depression, anxiety, mental illness), Assist Suicide Prevention Coach (Suicide Prevention), Grief and Loss Coach (11 major loss areas in life), and Life Purpose and Spiritual Coach (purpose and identity). She also has a degree in Biblical Counseling, specializing in Trauma Counseling, Complex Grief and Loss Counseling, Grief Counseling, Grief Share and Trauma Recovery Groups. She is the in house Grief Counselor for Oliver's Funeral Home, and has an office at Essentials Cremations in Grande Prairie, AB., as well as a home office near Woking, AB. Online coaching and counseling through Zoom, FB Messenger, and Phone consultations are also available.


About Kimberly

I grew up in rural Northern Alberta. I know farming, oil and gas, and the unique challenges we face in this part of the world. Our relationships can be especially challenging with work and locale. Oil-patch widow is a familiar term, and I know getting out to see people can be difficult.

Because of our unique challenges, finding the help we need if we get stuck in our grief process can be especially difficult, and when we do find someone, that professional may not be able to relate to our situation.

I can relate to you. I understand your circumstances. It is possible to overcome major depressive disorder, suicidal thoughts, anxiety disorder, and more.

Regardless of our unique scenario, there is hope; I have seen it. I believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself. 

I have overcome so many things to get where I am now, even living in the isolation you also know. I have learned how to love people. I have learned how to let go of expectations and trust God. I have learned how to love myself, which allows me to love others.

I want to help you do so too.